Are you an ambitious entrepreneur running a viable and scalable business seeking for an investment to scale up?

Apply to Rockstart Impact and I³ Incubation Program by October 5th!
Rockstart Impact and I³ Incubation Program are working in partnership to support entrepreneurship development in Nepal. The collaboration will focus on business incubation and acceleration, actively nurturing and supporting high potential companies from ideation to growth and investment.

22 companies will be selected from the applicants. 10 of the selected companies will be directly accelerated for 100 days via Rockstart Impact program while 12 will be incubated by I³ Incubation Program for a year before joining the pipeline of companies for further business development and/or investment.

Please complete the following 38 questions enabling us to make a proper selection.

About Rockstart Impact
– Rockstart Impact is an accelerator program focused on developing countries that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and impact investors. Since 2014, Rockstart Impact has established its program in Nepal. In the last three years, they have accelerated 29 companies from which 20 have secured investment pledges and in total have raised over 3 million Euros in investments.

About I³ Incubation Program – The I³ program is Nepal Communtiere's new holistic business incubation program designed to support Nepali businesses to build a strong foundation for growth and success. The one year program will be based at Nepal Communitere in Pulchowk, Lalitpur and provides one-on-one busincess coaching and mentorship, leadership development and direct access to financial and business networks.
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Who are the founders of the company, what is their role in the company and what is their background?  *

Please give a short introduction of each founder in 100 characters or less for each founder.
What is different and better about your product or service compared to other companies? *

Do you already have a product or service? Please mention in details. *

Do you have a company website or Facebook page where we can find a picture or description of your product or service? If so, please share the link. *

Do you have a video about you or your company? Leave a great impression by sharing the link (don’t worry about the quality). *

How many customers do you have (or sold your product to already)?  *

What are your company's revenues on yearly bases? *

What is the market for your business? *

For example: Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, India, Europe, Bangladesh.
What is the size of the market potential for your product or service? *

Think of the potential revenue (sales) of your target market (in USD).
What are your assumptions to calculate the market potential? *

For example: Based on public available information? Or estimation based on the number of customers in your market and the price of your product? *
Which companies are your main competitors (could be big companies or other start-ups)? *

Please share their names and website if available.
What is your dream? What are you planning for the next 5 years? *

Is there any investment (foreign or local) already made for this company? *

If an investment has been made, please state the amount (in USD). *

What is the amount of money you are looking for as an investment? (in USD) *

How are you going to use the investment you need? *

For example: buy a new machine, buy a new truck, hire people to develop my product, buy inventory to produce my product.
Is your company incorporated (registered)? If so, where did you incorporate your company and what entity are you using? *

If you are already incorporated, who are the current shareholders of your company and what is the percentage they own? If you are not yet incorporated, who would be the shareholders after the investment (including the new investor) and what is the percentage they would own? *

From who do you buy the supplies needed for your product or service? Are they part of the bottom of the pyramid? *

(In economics the bottom of the pyramid is the poorest socio-economic group in society)
Who do you hire to work for your company? Are they part of the bottom of the pyramid, middle class or high class? *

(In economics the bottom of the pyramid is the poorest socio-economic group in society)
To who do you sell your product? Are they part of the bottom of the pyramid, middle class or high class? *

(In economics the bottom of the pyramid is the poorest socio-economic group in society)
What social problem do you solve with your company?  *

For example: improve health of people, reduce waste and pollution, increase level of income etc.
What do you expect to get out of the Rockstart Impact/ Nepal Communitere program? *

Please explain what your business is lacking right now that you believe the program can help you with. *

Do you know any Rockstart Impact mentors, companies, partners or other people in our network that would recommend you, individually or as a team?  *

If so, please provide their names.
This is your chance to stand out from the masses. Add any information you would like, for example: why should we choose you as part of the Rockstart Impact & Nepal Communitere program? *

How do you know about Rockstart Impact & Nepal Communitere? *

What is the name of your company's main contact person? *

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Please add a link (URL) of your website (if you have).

Thank you for applying for Rockstart Impact & Nepal Communitere programs.
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